Saturday, May 31, 2003

Am going to fly the nest

For the past few days I have been really busy organizing stuff and generally feeling the euphoria of a much awaited journey coming up!! To think that at last am going to fly the nest... is well say the least - cataclymastic (if there is such a word!) Yes guys- this Chennai gal is going to become a Bangalorean!! Haha! Have been wanting to shift to Ban from last year but now that I am going to, I want to stay. I am going miss Chennai so much- I am a Sun, Sand, Sea and Serendipity kind of person and can't really stand the sight of endless expanse of green lawns! Yuck!!! I am going to miss all my friends- they say that you dont really know the worth of things until you lose them and guess what am going to lose all! But it is quite heartening to hear few of my friends already sprouting "Am going to miss you" lines. Makes life worthwhile - Thx God for making me the kind of person I am ; )

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