Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm a lover of colors, the brighter they are, the better! Believe me you when I say I can literally swoon when I see those bright beautiful colors - especially if they are of things like below. Heaven! God....what heaven!

Its enough to just see them, touch them and keep gazing at them for hours.....I don't need to buy :) :D

Ya! Really! "I" don't need to buy them. But I would gladly take them if someone sponsors :) Like my hubby! So take a hint! will you?

Friday, March 16, 2007

On my hands...

Like the sound of a flowing stream
Or the flutter of flying birds
Why, it could even be like a pitter-patter of tiny feets
The bangles on my hands.......... keep me company all day long

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A whirlwind account of mad me gone crazy!

Alright. So I need to update my blog, is it? Pray, tell me why?

Like the Gollum that survives long past his time because of the ring, has my blog lost its charm but flashing in every other minute across the screen looking like an innocent villain?

Man, what an analogy for me to return with! Ha ha ha! For the benefit of those who think I have gone mad, this is the effect of the “Lord of the Rings”! Imagine watching all the three parts almost back-to-back. And three and half hours at that. Each of them! By the end of the day, I was not only dreaming of Gollums and Hobbits and Elves, I was thinking of how to kill Sauran myself! Jeez, that proves I’m mad indeed, uh?

And that’s the way the last few months have changed me! Want more details? Read on….

Marriage. Because we fell in Love :)
Followed with quitting work. Because one fine day I got up and decided I could do something better and that I shall not tolerate the injustice being meted out to me. I didn’t want to take Sh*t from nobody, you see! So there I was, one day having all fun at work with my nice gang of colleagues, and the next day? Poof! No work. But I had an offer at hand. Alas! Not to be! I went to this new company, sat in meetings all day and decided there and then, its Sh*t all over again!! Jumping from frying pan to fire! Hard rock and sea! And what not! So I quit! The very first day!
Sat at home for over two months. Because I decided I cannot travel 15 kilometres every day to the new workplace! And I had absolutely no work. My dear mother in law took care of everything at home. My dog took care of cleaning up his own mess. My husband took care of everything else. And I went quietly out of my mind. Bought paints like crazy and never used them. Went to the Internet parlor every morning religiously to achieve that day’s quota of job applications. Put on weight. Slept like a baby all day long. Had fun. ;)
Suddenly got two offers simultaneously. One better than the other. Both on other side of the world. Okay! Other side of Bangalore. Signed the acceptance for one and went to the final interview of another on the morning that I was supposed to join the first one! Didn’t like the HR manager who took the final interview. He tricked me into quoting a smaller expectation. My mistake maybe. But I didn’t like him.
Got a brand new job. Because I went and joined the first company. And I was happy. But God decided I needed to be ecstatic and not just happy :) He decided to bless us with a young one :)
Today? Young one is growing up and is almost on the way :) And I just can’t wait.

Can I write the rest later? That has exhausted my un-practiced writing skills for the day! Hold on, will you?