Friday, September 30, 2005

The One Legged Crow

Let me fly away
There is no time to feel tired, neither do I want to
I got to live this illusion through because I have beautiful places to go to
Beautiful people to see, and beautiful dreams to make true
All I ask is for my wings to remain and the world will be mine
Let me start right now - hop a little, jump a little and just fly away

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Moving a new blog :)

Well, I tried! I really did. But with my current work schedule and more than that, with my current stress levels, maintaining this blog doesn't seem like an easy thing anymore. For me, the desire to write or 'creativity' ends when stress begins - as simple as that. Every time, I open notepad or even think of writing, I draw up a blank. I believe, writing requires a fertile ground not a rock surface solidified from centuries of disturbances. Yep, it seems so - my brain is solidifying everyday! I wish I had remained a student....taking each day as it comes, not giving a hoot about career or uping someone else or what have you! But the choices I have made have landed me here and ...I jolly well deal with it, right? Right! So here goes.... am moving on. :)

Moving on to a new blog!!!! This time, a photo blog :)) I think that one would be more easy for me to maintain. And it would still serve as a medium for me to communicate to this world. So on 29 Sep 2005, I 'solidified' the thought into action and created one. Here it is - Small Traveller. Do visit!

BTW, starting Small Traveller doesn't mean am ditching Melange. On the contrary! I will continue to write here - but more sporadically...even more sporadically. On the days when there is a strike and there is not much to do in office- like today. On days, when I feel like sharing a poem that floated into my mind.....on days when I feel like smiling more often! But on other days, since I would still want to write but incapciated to, I will post a photo on Small Traveller - maybe photos to match my mood or maybe photos to say a story!


PS: Why a photo blog? Because I love photography. I realise photos are a poor substitute to reality or words but they do serve their purpose in bringing up long-forgotten images to the front of our brain. Moreover, how can I let my brand new digicam sleep inside the cupboard? It better earn its worth!

Garhwal Himalayas

The Great Garhwal Himalayas

When the mountains rise, can the small ants speak?
I'm an ant between these mountains waiting to grow...
With a smile on my face, I know
that those hooves sooner or later would land
On my beautiful face and lo! I would be no more
Reborn I would be though
and this time, I want to be a white kite
Able to fly high up on clouds and feel lite
No hooves to catch me this time
Then I sure will enjoy those chimes...