Thursday, May 26, 2016

What difference does it make?

Nothing defines who I am more than this post I wrote some time back. I am a nobody, a somebody and everybody at the same time - it really depends on what time of life you ask me that question and from which angle of reference. The more I try to define myself, the more I find what I am NOT which still leaves me grappling with a wide expanse of  what I COULD be. Yes, there are some fancy words that the Ego wants to attach to -  natural farmer (one who follows Natural Methods!), prolific writer, witty speaker, loving mother, caring wife, community volunteer, marketing specialist, spiritual aspirant, yearning pilgrim, confused traveler, and so on and so forth.

What I have discovered in the few decades I've spent on this loving Earth is that, the moment you define and 'revel' in an identify, nature throws you a set of new challenges that completely changes who you are and the identity which you have painstakingly built crumbles. And then you go again trying to salvage what you can and rebuild....the process can be never ending I suppose.

So I've learnt to keep quiet and carry on! (I wasn't this way before though!) It's better to ask what difference I can make and live in the moment than worry about what someone else needs to think of me and waste time in building a "personal brand", isn't it?