Monday, December 29, 2003

Time for final placements!

It's that time of the year. No one seems to be interested in the falling leaves or the gentle breeze! A little drizzle is given a disdainful glance as if to say "Now, look at what you have done. My neatly pressed clothes...." SMS? "Woof always wasting my time"(the very thing that you used to look forward to every second of the day) Friends? "Come on yaar, you know what’s happening in my life yet you want me to..?"

The canteen is also conspicuously empty. "We know why" (smugly)...the crowd is somewhere else ;) After all the New Year is fast approaching and it wouldn't seem right if you haven't found "The One" by then! This is your last chance to prove whether you belong to those elite crowd which glides by easily in life or the unfortunate ones always caught in thunderstorms.

"You either have it in you or you don’t so don’t go hoping for miracles.....You are not going to be rewarded properly? So what? Accept the proposal anyway! It will look bad on the records if you are the only one left unmarried at the end of the are not going to be living with this one throughout your life...there is always divorce.... Come on...sign the contract!! NOW" says the placement officer!

So all the bachelors and spinsters out there, get set and be ready to marry your jobs. It’s the time for final placements!

Friday, December 26, 2003

Best Female IndiBlogger Award 2003

I'm the proud winner of the "Best Female IndiBlogger Award 2003" whether I deserve it or not! so here is my "Thank You" to all those who made this possible :)

When I was talking about this to one of my acquaintances, he had this to say about the 'deserving part'- "Hardly 10 people has visited the moon, half of them Americans yet the moon is the moon" - in so many words! I felt this deserved its place here! hehehe

Line of Control - Kargil

Am hardly back in Bangalore and what is the first thing I do? Go to College? Attend Classes? Muskafy lecturers for my internship? No to all the above! Its straight to "Line of Control-Kargil" - An amazing movie! When my friends shelled out double the ticket amount to get the tickets in black, I got very pissed off. After all I should not be paying so much for an opportunity to cry (Yes I'm that type- the one who cries whenever anyone cries on screen or when the villian takes the heroine or someone dies ;) ) for four hours but it was fully worth it! Hurray to JP Dutta........definetly worth watching!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Dear old Chennai

Am in dear old Chennai at last!! This city is just amazing......every time I land up here, I get a new sense of purpose in life... a new mighty wave of energy...a new love for the world and its people ;) - Dont know whether its due to the place or the people but am so happy that I have a place on Earth that I can call home! And come back to recuperate from travelling around the globe in the years to come ;) !!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A bit of Poetry

I was looking through some of my old interests yesterday....Once upon a time I loved poetry and used to churn them out at an amazing rate..then suddenly life got too busy and so did I! The poem below was written on a nice afternoon when I was in my 10th standard but it sure doesn't seem like the words of a 10th std girl.....all the effects of reading M&B's after M&B's I guess ;)

Temptation on trial

Sailing in the ship of magic
I was caught in the web of a dangerous attraction
The voyage to enchantment began
Far into the shores of love

With the raging inferno of an uncontrollable passion
I set sail on the pounding waves
To travel far without any sense of direction
Lured only by the call of love like a siren

An attraction not allowed to rest
Kindling the embers of a fire which I couldn't control
So I burnt in the fire of love like a moth
Turning to ashes among the hisses and crackles

All expectations gone like a wisp of smoke
Except the determination to survive
Reborn as a phoenix from the golden dust
Regretting all that was forgotten in the heat of passion

The castle has disappeared so as the armor
Leaving bare and exposed my bleeding heart
A heart that has yearned for love far into nights
Left to lie unnoticed like a crushed flower after a sweeping storm

My mind now yearns not for love but vengeful retribution
But the memories are too strong and too sweet
Too much for my tender heart to consider
Anything less than a passionate reunion

So I wander , I wander along the shores
With a expectant heart and hopeful eyes
Looking to the beautiful sea for the storm
The storm of love that has left me abandoned like a wrecked ship.

Monday, December 15, 2003

The IndiBlog Awards

I dont believe this...I happened to be browsing Anand's site when I came across the IndiBlog Awards for 'showcasing the excellence in the Indian Blogosphere'! Lo and behold, what do I find there? My blog is one of the seven blogs nominated for best female Indiblogger! Wow..thanks to Kumaraguru (best designed IndiBlog) ;) Vote for him guys!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

The most beautiful bunch of flowers

Today my bank account plunged deeply towards zero balance but the time I spent with my friends was worth it! I got the most beautiful bunch of flowers from a so touched! I wish I could preserve them forever but sadly I cannot! Atleast take a photograph of it but my roll just got over! And the chocolates were the best...I dont want to eat them at all... they look so good in their box! I want to keep everything forever to remember this day and the people I was with ...and this is in total contradiction to what I believe ...nothing is permament!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Happy Birthday to me!!

Twenty-two years back, a little baby was born in the labour room of the Ayanavaram Railway Hospital at exactly 4:31 PM on a beautiful Sunday. Just an hour before that, her mother was watching the Indian team playing the world cup cricket and didn’t have a clue that one hour later, the restless bundle in her tummy will become a squirming pack in her hands! But fate had decreed that this particular baby be born on that particular day- the 13th of December, a day considered unauspicious and unlucky most often than not. History records has it that, the first thing the baby did after landing on Earth, was make her mother shed a few tears. No one knows whether those were joyful or otherwise but the mother later confirmed that they were indeed otherwise- it seems the parents were expecting a smart boy after their first cute daughter! After all, it was more than two decades back and the trend then was to have one girl and one boy…! This was supposed to be their last baby- the second and the last- the chances of propagating the gene line of the father was forever lost on that day!

The little kid was longer than she was fat, fairer than she was pink and had big staring eyes than round ones! She looked like a miniature adult and didn’t have any of those cuteness associated with babies! She was taken home straight to her dear grandma and up she grew, quitely, shyly and intensly! She never knew any of the things that she takes it for granted today.

That she has got the best parents she can ever get…the best sister she can ever have… the greatest life anyone can wish for…the best friend who was born exatcly two hours before her…great pals who are great people…She also didn’t know that she would be sitting before the comp and typing all this today!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!! ;) And to Lakshmi too
(Wow! I have a good autobiography in the making….)

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Summer project

Welll......its time for me to start searching for a summer project! We have got four months to do an internship and I have already started scouting around for potential companies that would be willing to hire me! And before that I have to make sure my HR knowledge is up to date and project myself as a true HR ;)


1)Should I go for a company that would provide me with a good stipend?


2) Should I concentrate only on the reputation of the company and not their compensation?(essentially give four months of my time for free!)

The former appears very attractive to me!!!