Friday, December 12, 2003

Happy Birthday to me!!

Twenty-two years back, a little baby was born in the labour room of the Ayanavaram Railway Hospital at exactly 4:31 PM on a beautiful Sunday. Just an hour before that, her mother was watching the Indian team playing the world cup cricket and didn’t have a clue that one hour later, the restless bundle in her tummy will become a squirming pack in her hands! But fate had decreed that this particular baby be born on that particular day- the 13th of December, a day considered unauspicious and unlucky most often than not. History records has it that, the first thing the baby did after landing on Earth, was make her mother shed a few tears. No one knows whether those were joyful or otherwise but the mother later confirmed that they were indeed otherwise- it seems the parents were expecting a smart boy after their first cute daughter! After all, it was more than two decades back and the trend then was to have one girl and one boy…! This was supposed to be their last baby- the second and the last- the chances of propagating the gene line of the father was forever lost on that day!

The little kid was longer than she was fat, fairer than she was pink and had big staring eyes than round ones! She looked like a miniature adult and didn’t have any of those cuteness associated with babies! She was taken home straight to her dear grandma and up she grew, quitely, shyly and intensly! She never knew any of the things that she takes it for granted today.

That she has got the best parents she can ever get…the best sister she can ever have… the greatest life anyone can wish for…the best friend who was born exatcly two hours before her…great pals who are great people…She also didn’t know that she would be sitting before the comp and typing all this today!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!! ;) And to Lakshmi too
(Wow! I have a good autobiography in the making….)

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