Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A bit of Poetry

I was looking through some of my old interests yesterday....Once upon a time I loved poetry and used to churn them out at an amazing rate..then suddenly life got too busy and so did I! The poem below was written on a nice afternoon when I was in my 10th standard but it sure doesn't seem like the words of a 10th std girl.....all the effects of reading M&B's after M&B's I guess ;)

Temptation on trial

Sailing in the ship of magic
I was caught in the web of a dangerous attraction
The voyage to enchantment began
Far into the shores of love

With the raging inferno of an uncontrollable passion
I set sail on the pounding waves
To travel far without any sense of direction
Lured only by the call of love like a siren

An attraction not allowed to rest
Kindling the embers of a fire which I couldn't control
So I burnt in the fire of love like a moth
Turning to ashes among the hisses and crackles

All expectations gone like a wisp of smoke
Except the determination to survive
Reborn as a phoenix from the golden dust
Regretting all that was forgotten in the heat of passion

The castle has disappeared so as the armor
Leaving bare and exposed my bleeding heart
A heart that has yearned for love far into nights
Left to lie unnoticed like a crushed flower after a sweeping storm

My mind now yearns not for love but vengeful retribution
But the memories are too strong and too sweet
Too much for my tender heart to consider
Anything less than a passionate reunion

So I wander , I wander along the shores
With a expectant heart and hopeful eyes
Looking to the beautiful sea for the storm
The storm of love that has left me abandoned like a wrecked ship.

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