Monday, December 29, 2003

Time for final placements!

It's that time of the year. No one seems to be interested in the falling leaves or the gentle breeze! A little drizzle is given a disdainful glance as if to say "Now, look at what you have done. My neatly pressed clothes...." SMS? "Woof always wasting my time"(the very thing that you used to look forward to every second of the day) Friends? "Come on yaar, you know what’s happening in my life yet you want me to..?"

The canteen is also conspicuously empty. "We know why" (smugly)...the crowd is somewhere else ;) After all the New Year is fast approaching and it wouldn't seem right if you haven't found "The One" by then! This is your last chance to prove whether you belong to those elite crowd which glides by easily in life or the unfortunate ones always caught in thunderstorms.

"You either have it in you or you don’t so don’t go hoping for miracles.....You are not going to be rewarded properly? So what? Accept the proposal anyway! It will look bad on the records if you are the only one left unmarried at the end of the are not going to be living with this one throughout your life...there is always divorce.... Come on...sign the contract!! NOW" says the placement officer!

So all the bachelors and spinsters out there, get set and be ready to marry your jobs. It’s the time for final placements!

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