Friday, October 21, 2011

What is my baby doing?

Alert: This is a 'Rant' post though I wouldn't really call it that. Make it a 'shout-out' to the universe to make things right. Yep, that seems just about right. 'Shouting out to the universe to make things Right' post this is. And please do not ask me about this or refer to this happenstance you meet or talk to me anytime. For you, this is one of those posts you just read and forget in the big wild jungle of blogs while for me this is one of the posts that I will wish sometime in the future that I had not posted but hey today I don't feel that so here goes.

So I've returned to work now. It's easy but its also getting tougher as the hours passby and I don't get an update on how my baby is doing. I feel so cheated by the entire thing. What's wrong in me checking up every hour? What's wrong in me asking for every small detail? After all this is just the second day I am leaving her in 15 months and it feels like I 'forgot' something essential at home. Everytime I look at the clock, I wonder what she is doing? Has she had her morning milk? Has she been bathed? Is she taking her first nap of the day? Is she still coughing as she was when she woke up when I left home? To a mom who has watched her child EVERY waking minute in the past five and odd months, isn't it but normal to worry about how her baby is doing in someone else' care? Admiteddly that someone might care for her just as much as me but hey this is my second day away from her and I am sorry but I just can't trust another person to care for her like I have/would have done so. Yes, things might be happening differently, she might take a longer nap, refuse to be put down, take half an hour to finish a bottle vis-a-vis the five minute gulp down she does with me BUT I want to know it. AND I want to wonder aloud, YES ALOUD, IN YOUR FACE ALOUD, and ask the caretaker WHY. It doesn't mean I am doubting the caretaker's ability to take care but simply I have the need to ask WHY. Withholding this information from me and not allowing me to know what my baby is doing at any given point in time when I am away from her feels so wrong to me.

My chest gets heavy and my head starts to ache as every minute passes without a sign of a message, call or email about her. And I can't call or do any of it myself lest I anger the caretaker and that affects how my baby is taken care. Tears roll down my cheeks without worrying that I am surrounded by a hundred or so people in the open office. I want to be home taking care of my baby. Going for hours together without food under a hot roof soothing a fussy child or controlling the urge to pee for endless mintues to just have one more 'minute' with the baby and successfully have her take a nap is far more preferable to me than sitting in a perfectly airconditioned room with endless 'me' time ahead. This is all so so wrong. And all because I need to work. All because I need to provide for the future comforts 'we' have planned. All freaking because I made some decisions in life that I shouldn't have. But it all doesn't matter now. Right now. I just wish one thing. I just wish someone would tell me what my baby is doing now.

Edited to add: So I overreacted but I am not going to delete it :)) Blame it on the hormones!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Neighbor, neighbor stop yapping at the door!

Neighbor, neighbor stop yapping at the door!
I have two hungry mouths to feed
Two dirty (not really!) bodies to clean
One of which is stranded in the middle of the bath
When I came to answer your call!
Yes, your Tupperware looks good not cos I love costly plastic
But I have a thing for red!
And um no I don’t do Oriflame…or Amway much either
Unless of course the one selling is my sister!
Oh, I know your hubby is in the LIC
But I have too many policies already while the SO has none
And no, you can’t sell to him no!
What, did I hear you right? MLM? Mega losers of the month, is it?
No, thank you no LMM for me…I mean MLM…whatever!
And thank you now, very much indeed, but I HAVE to go
What? Yes, I will let you know when I change my mind
Yes, LIC, MLM, A$$ I shall remember them all
Oh, isn’t that your cooker blowing? No?
It must be mine then though the house remains ominously quiet
Except of course for your babbling mouth…and mine!
Now please yes I just MUST go and attend to that kid
Oh, sure I will let you know when ever I change my mind
Didn’t I just tell you that?
No? You must be ‘I-need-hear-ten-times-before-I-really-hear-it’ kinda person
So okay I will knock on your door if I change my mind
BTW, hear that thunderous noise from the bath? Must be my kid
I SHOULD go now you know….What? New offers? Sure, sure
Yes, YES I will let you know if I ever change my mind though that’s now unlikely
Now scoot loudmouth before I knock your head!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Help me fight for my cause?

As you may know, I volunteer to coordinate Twestival India in my free time and help raise funds for charities. Before you let that put you off, no it’s not just for folks on Twitter. Twestival is an offline event organized to fundraise for chosen charities on a single day synchronously across the globe.  And I am really happy and proud to be associated with it as it gives my life a little purpose (I  always did fancy the image of that centaur riding into the sun fighting for a cause :P ). To know more about Twestival, click to read my other blog here.

Donate here

Now, I seek your support to help me fight for my cause :) I’ve set myself a goal of raising Rs. 5 lakhs through Twestival India this year before the 27th of March – both through online donations as well as our offline events across Indian cities on 24th March.

Can you help me achieve this mission?

Multiple ways to contribute:

1.   Simply donate online through GiveIndia. All our charities are legal, registered and authentic. Please click here to donate. You can give as little as Rs.110 but I do hope you will be generous and give a bit more :)

2.   Buy a Ticket and attend our event. 100% of your ticket money will go as donations to the charity. If you happen to be in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, or Pilani, you can take part in the festivities and have fun while giving. Check for ticket details.

3.   Like city logos on Facebook and help win $1000 additional grant for our NGOs. Click here to donate a Facebook minute (Last day for contest is 17th March)

4.   Spread the word – Forward this post to friends, family and colleagues

Be generous and be happy! Reaching 5 lakhs is not too difficult if I have your support, right?