Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Neighbor, neighbor stop yapping at the door!

Neighbor, neighbor stop yapping at the door!
I have two hungry mouths to feed
Two dirty (not really!) bodies to clean
One of which is stranded in the middle of the bath
When I came to answer your call!
Yes, your Tupperware looks good not cos I love costly plastic
But I have a thing for red!
And um no I don’t do Oriflame…or Amway much either
Unless of course the one selling is my sister!
Oh, I know your hubby is in the LIC
But I have too many policies already while the SO has none
And no, you can’t sell to him no!
What, did I hear you right? MLM? Mega losers of the month, is it?
No, thank you no LMM for me…I mean MLM…whatever!
And thank you now, very much indeed, but I HAVE to go
What? Yes, I will let you know when I change my mind
Yes, LIC, MLM, A$$ I shall remember them all
Oh, isn’t that your cooker blowing? No?
It must be mine then though the house remains ominously quiet
Except of course for your babbling mouth…and mine!
Now please yes I just MUST go and attend to that kid
Oh, sure I will let you know when ever I change my mind
Didn’t I just tell you that?
No? You must be ‘I-need-hear-ten-times-before-I-really-hear-it’ kinda person
So okay I will knock on your door if I change my mind
BTW, hear that thunderous noise from the bath? Must be my kid
I SHOULD go now you know….What? New offers? Sure, sure
Yes, YES I will let you know if I ever change my mind though that’s now unlikely
Now scoot loudmouth before I knock your head!