Thursday, March 11, 2004

My first year of management studies is coming to an END!

Oof...That was two days of intense competition, nice food, some learning and great networking! Yep, attending management fests has become an habit with me and man, oh! man, are they fun or what? And my chief aim is that before I finish my MBA, I should have seen all the major places in India (My college is generous enough to spend everything for us!) and maybe some outside Bharath too? (I can hope, right?!)

The whole fiasco started off innocently enough- I was never the "I attend all inter-collegiate/school fests" during my undergraduation or school but after taking up my PG, I has this crazy idea to write a paper atleast once in my life- u know, try to put all those so called original ideas on paper?! and Bingo, the very first month, XIMB came out with a paper contest on HR- my fav subject to give gyan on! I did not have it in me to let the opportunity pass but what do I know about HR except the fact that it is supposed to be my favorite subject? But what is the Internet for? So there we went (I pulled in a partner!) trying to write and rewrite essays, and had a really difficult time coming up with a model on our own!!

But alls well ends well! And surprises of surprises, our paper got selected and we were asked to come all the way to Bhubaneshwar- an all expense paid trip! Hooray!! And after that, it was trip after trip for me- Indore, Coimbatore, Hosur and a dozen colleges in Bangalore(ok, thats a bit of an exaggeration in the last part!) and it was really an heaven sent favor for a person who had never stepped out of her hometown! But sadly, I could not go to the place I most wanted to- IIM Lucknow- we had an exam! :(

So, my agenda for the next academic year is very well planned out- Another trip to Indore (Thats the All India Management fest), Lucknow, Calcutta, Bombay (which college in Bombay? Hmm?), Delhi and ofcourse Jamshedpur!!

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