Friday, April 2, 2004

I have this crazy habit

I have this crazy habit! Every once in a while I have an intense urge to rearrange things and if for some reason I am not able to do that, I just cant bear to look at those things ever again! One such urge was to decorate and redecorate my room back in Chennai! I used to source all 'kinds' of posters and would delight in changing the entire look of the room by just adding or taking away a few pics. But sadly, after shifting here, my hands are tied! Nothing to call my very own and tamper today morning when I got up and felt the urge, I knew what to do- Rearrange my blog! Ya....notice those links? They have been shifted right! Actually, I wanted to do a drastic redesign but do not have much patience now! So this has to suffice! One need satisfied!

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