Thursday, July 1, 2004


This is for the last entry in my Guestbook by Senthil

I live, therefore I'm my body! I think, therefore I'm my mind! I feel, therefore I'm my heart! I know, therefore I'm my soul! But I still ask myself...Who am I? My quest in life...I wonder... There is one thing that I do not agree , "I know, there I'm my soul!" . If you know its knowledge, not soul. Do you mean to say if "I know" what is a computer, then I am my soul? may be poetic but not logical, "I do not know" how to take criticism, so i am not my soul :).

Well, Senthil, by knowledge I do not mean the wordly/material knowledge that you are talking about. I mean self enlightenment, I mean Karmic knowledge, I mean knowledge that I am not my body, mind or heart, I mean the knowledge that I am my soul......Like that...Get my drift?

Enough funda for now, uh? LoL

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