Thursday, April 14, 2005

Being Away from Home

Guess what is the best thing about being away from home? It’s going back home of course! It’s been two years since I flew the next, so to speak, and these years have been anything but good unlike the golden periods I enjoyed after growing up (ya, right!) - Exciting, Adventurous, Enjoyable, Torturous – yes, but not ‘Good’. The funny thing was, I always wanted to leave home- always- believe me. But the moment it seemed like it may actually happen, I didn’t want to! It wasn’t just cold feet and it wasn’t just fear of facing the big bad world all by myself, though they were part of it too. But the primary reason I wanted to stay back was because I became too attached to my family and friends or rather, I realized I have become too attached to them. What’s more I loved being that way!!

But, as they say, contentment is the first step to failure (they do say that, don’t they? I mean they should! Its kinda true!) and I, being the “seeker” that I am (I like to call myself that :)), didn’t want to be content of all things! So I decided “VJ, enough is enough, get out, get out of your comfort zones, go see what the world has to offer to you

Here I am, two years later, enlightened like you wouldn’t believe and the funny thing is I still want to go back home. But I have become resigned to leading a life alone (It is actually against human nature did you know? Humans, from their animal behavior perspective, are the perpetual tribe/community forming creatures!) and the seeker in me has started saying “Get out, get out, you have formed a home here too so get out before it becomes too comfortable!” and am wondering if I should listen???

Coming to the best part of being away, it’s those crazy moments when you suddenly decide you need to be home, come what may! Of course it helps if you are located within a few hundred kilometers from your birth abode. Today is one such day for me- I have decided I need to be home by nightfall – I am not going to let anything stop me – not availability of train/bus seat, not my boss granting me leave and least of all not my own self that says wait for the weekend! No sir, no! I am going. Let me see what stops me.

(The fact that I am a proud Tamilian and that today is Tamil New Year Day doesn’t figure, not at all! Its those community gatherings am interested in – I love being part of a friendly tribe, preferably my own)

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