Friday, December 2, 2005

Of lost continents and fascinations

I have always been fascinated with the idea of lost continents and better yet, mysterious hidden lands. I remember it starting when I chanced on a novel on dolphins, mermaids and reuniting lovers. The book had a beautiful, beautiful blue shiny cover depicting a mermaid and a dolphin – and it made for a wonderful read in those days of M & B addiction. But one of my friends had to borrow it, and I had to forget who it was, and well you know the rest is history –the book is not with me anymore! Anyway, that was quite a tangent!

This book mentioned Atlantis – and boom went my imagination. Wow, Atlantis? People who speak different tongues? People who can speak with all creatures? Oh man if only…if only.

And then came Harry Potter. Moguls and Wizards. Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort. The world of magic hidden away. Oh man if only…if only.

“Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition” was the next. It mentioned “Kumari Kandam” or as many would call it the lost land of Lemuria. Now Atlantis? Okay – too far away for me. World of wizards? Too far fetched (not really) for me. The land of Lemuria? The Kumari Kandam? Now that is what I call close reality.

Kumari Kandam

Govindam’s book talks about this land that stretched from the present Tamilnadu/Sri Lanka to Australia, touching Africa on the right and Indonesia and Java on the left. It was one huge land ruled by the Pandhya kings. Agastyar, Boganathar and Babaji were some of the well-known men who stand testimony that such land existed.

Some hard evidences? Here goes….

Did you know that Java has a temple dedicated to Agastyar, a Tamil Siddha?
Did you know that scientists have discovered Madagascar to contain fauna and flora very similar to what is present in Tamilnadu?
Did you know that the Greek words for Cardamom and Ginger are very very similar to their Tamil versions? And this can only point to trade between these regions

I guess I can go on – I am sure the more I read, I would only come across more evidences. I am fascinated. Right across my backyard. A lost continent. Lemuria. Kumari Kandam. WOW.

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Vijay said...

What you are talking about, I surmise, is better explained by the idea of 'continental drift'—correct me if I'm wrong. But the link you have provided makes a statement to the effect that continents are immobile, which assertion casts serious doubts over the very credibility of the link provided.

Now, this is on a very general plane, not particularly applicable to the details in your post or the link therein; this is just a stream of thought that occurred to me on reading your post: The human mind is bestowed with both a wonderful imagination and a keen sense of analysis. While the results of the former are usually fascinating and unfailingly make one experience a high, it is the results of the latter that has helped us, as a race, make real progress, time and again. However, because of the element of magic, wonderment, and awe inherent in certain of these fascinating theories promoted from time to time, the human mind, sometimes, also lets itself believe them, perhaps as a desperate attempt to give itself an ego boost by imagining a larger-than-life-size image of itself that some such theories seem to suggest.