Monday, January 23, 2006

Discovering the world around

Till sometime back, I walked around with my eyes closed - or so it seems. So caught was I with my life. But recent conversations, observations, startling self-discoveries and forced self-discoveries made me open my eyes wide - and man, was I in for a treat or what? It almost seems like its a nicely orchestrated dance that reveals a little of the action, moment by moment. Here's an example -

I am a regular visitor to the biggest garden in the city. And I thought crows, mainas, sparrows and a few more creatures summed up the wildlife.

Imagine my surprise when I come across the most strikingly 'purple' creature almost right under my feet- while I was busy staring at the horizon, thinking about my life as it was and as it will be! And to think that I had been at that very place over a hundred times and have never ever seen such a cute bird.

Presenting the "Purple Waterhen/Moorhen" for you :) from Lalbagh :)

And here's a beautiful "White-throated/breasted Kingfisher" :)

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