Tuesday, February 28, 2006

They sing because they have a song

"The Whales do not sing because they have an answer
They sing because they have a song."

I hope to see the world through the eyes of a whale, an elephant, a manatee, a meerkat, a cheetha. Being amazed by nature in all its forms is the lifeblood of Ashes and Snow. I have tried to leave the windows and doors open so that others can enter and feel the same amazement that I felt during each work's creation.

I belive the Australian Aboriginals were exploring the same enchantments when they painted animals; they were not interested in merely painting the contours of their bodies. They focused equally on the animal's interior dream life....

"May the guardian elephants hear my wish to collaborate with all the musicians of nature's orchestra. I want to see through the eyes of the elephant. I want to join the dance that has no steps. I want to become the dance."

Ashes and Snow

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