Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The story of two crows – before and after – a brief study

What a fine summer morning it was. Everything looked so beautiful and nice. There was nothing that could mar this day, so perfect was it that no other day in history could compare. The two crows were sitting side by side, huddled closely together, as lovers usually do. His beak was stuck in her feathers, intent on grooming her perfectly.

“Ouch” shrieked she.

“Oh, my delicate rose, am sorry” said he, muttering repeatedly “so sorry, so sorry”. You could hear him apologizing far into the night.

It was just an “ouch”.

A few months later….

It was again a fine summer morning. The sky was looking brighter than ever and all the flowers were in full bloom. Did you think the other day was actually good? You should see this day then. So colorful, so lovely. The two crows were sitting side by side in the tree, in a sudden moment of silence. She seemed to spot a fat worm on the ground and zoom she flew to get it for him. If it was really a fat worm, that should serve well as his breakfast. He should like it.

Few minutes later, she flew back in with the worm in her beak. In her excitement to show him his meal, she missed an inch accidentally and banged hard against him.

“Oh, am sorry dear” uttered she sincerely, but meekly.

“You stupid crow, can’t you watch where you are flying?” shouted he, adding insultingly “what an idiotic coconut shell you are”.

It was just an “inch”.

End of story.

From a delicate rose to a hard coconut shell in a matter of few months.

The before and after of the crows’ love life – a study.

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