Thursday, June 5, 2008

For old times sake

Why do i keep going back?
I do feel reluctant to let go of the six-odd years of efforts and identity. Maybe I have been hasty. But I do not regret the decision. At the same time, there are a few out there who still seem to be passing through these pages on their way to Mount Everest. For those, maybe a small clue will help. If they are persistent that is. And it goes without saying they need to have a few working neurons and glials.

Do leave me a comment when you chance upon the new me next time. So that I can realize am not so kewl.

And I am talking about this. Making it extra apparent for best friends who become stupid overnight.
Melange-Wisdom of uncertainty


Anonymous said...

i was first to crack your puzzle, but am still waiting you to crack my riddle.

PS: please refer the comment in "of old age" article

Chandramohan "CM" Kannan said...

well on my way to scale the peak of everest again... continue to be kewl...