Monday, May 11, 2009

Final thoughts

Warning: You may perceive this poem as pretty gruesome in places. Read on at your own risk.

I’m a dumb dog
Lying in the middle of a highway
Hit by a speeding car
Flesh of my stomach peeping out
I don’t think of the pain, I can’t bear the thought
Of the next car that might run me over
Tossed between the four wheels, I surely won’t
Have time to say my final thank you
I once felt jealous of a puppy for getting
All the attention I thought I deserved
Today, I know I can’t be more unnoticed
Even if I were to lay my heart out bare

I’m a dying moth
Lying dead on a dusty window sill
That kids will try to make fly
Lifting me by my flimsy wings
Or dangling me by the ends of the antennae
And soon I will crumble to powders on the ground
The touch of breeze, the water drop on a dry day
Are stories that will never get told
My dull eyes shall watch the joy in their eyes
Turn to disgust at my lifeless form
I wonder if moths are born again
Will I die in the same way

I’m an aborted fetus
Stored in a carefully sterilized jar
Discarded from my mother’s womb
In the lab, most sought after for my deformities
Did I say I was unwanted?
I had two eyes, two ears, and a mouth
But in my hurry forgot to form the nose
Found fused it was in the seventh month scan
Flushed out into a cool liquid the day after
My never used heart didn’t know to feel pain
Even when a tiny piece tore under the surgeon’s knife
What would I have become if I had lived

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