Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indian Non-profits on Twitter

Updated 29 Oct 2009

When I came across the list of Indian Brands & Businesses on Twitter by Santosh Maharshi , I found it very impressive. It was just the thing I was searching for when I was looking to connect with potential sponsors quickly for a fund-raising event. After some time , I got thinking. Won’t it be nice if we can similar lists for other things as well besides Brands and Businesses in India? For instance, a list of non-profits in India on Twitter?

So here's the list of tweeting non-profits/NGOs/volunteer organizations/initiatives that I could find (Thanks to Maya and others for their contribution to this list):
  1. @Aashayein
  2. @Arch4HumanityND
  3. @bell_bajao
  4. @CRYIndia
  5. @CSOPartners
  6. @deepam_
  7. @dreamadreamind
  8. @fundacause
  9. @giveindia
  10. @grassroutes
  11. @greenpeaceindia
  12. @headstart
  13. @helpachildindia
  14. @ICICIFoundation *
  15. @ivolunteerindia
  16. @indianfolklore
  17. @indicorps
  18. @ishafoundation
  19. @iycn
  20. @lifevrindavan
  21. @mamMovies *
  22. @NanubhaiEF
  23. @prajnya
  24. @prathambooks
  25. @prathamindia
  26. @rangde
  27. @sangamindia
  28. @stir_e
  29. @teameverest
  30. @thebetterindia
  31. @toybank
  32. @udayancare
  33. @WildlifeSOS
  34. @yatn_Indian_NGO
  35. @ncsindia
  36. @RedRIndia
  37. @charity4india
The short url you can use to refer to this post is

The TweepML quick reference list that will enable you to follow all of them or a selective few is here.

I will be updating this list frequently through the Twitter List feature here. May not on this blo though. So for the latest updated version, please check my Twitter Indian nonprofit list.

For now, am keeping the definition pretty simple - any organization that works for a social benefit without profit as their main motive. And there's very little/minimal due diligence that I do before adding them to this list - just relying on what their website/tweet says - but I realize that as this list grows, that will have to change. Obviously, we wouldn't want anybody to get a free ride in the name of non-profit. Mulling on that...

Meanwhile, iIf you would like to add any other non-profit to the above list or remove inappropriate ones, tweet me on @adropofwisdom or leave a comment below and I will update the list!

Lets make a difference, one step at a time.


Maya said...

Hey Vaijayanthi,

This list would prove to be a great resource to people. Thanks for adding Pratham Books to this list. I can help you with this list as and when I come across Indian NGOs.

Some NGO's/volunteer groups I can remember right now are @teameverest, @deepam_, @prathamindia

Toon India said...

plz. add @udayancare their site

Dipankar said...

Hi, do add @stir_e . We are also on the web at


Thejesh GN said...

@ubuntuatwork works with women

VJ said...

@Thej - Thanks for the tip but this list is focused only on Indian non profits for the moment.

Anonymous said...

As requested, do find the twitter id of some of our partner organizations


CSO Partners

Anonymous said...

Please add @dypc the twitter id for to the list.

Vikas said...

@pathsurestart working in Maharashtra and UP for maternal and newborn health

John said...
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Arun said...

@indiawater we are a knowledge portal on water for the country

@iycn we are a youth group working in the environment area