Friday, January 1, 2010

Please! Enough of these impersonal wishes now!

So many new year wishes...some forwards, some originally written, some on email, some as sms, some thru Twitter, some thru Facebook, and very few (none really) through a phone call! Whatever is happening to this world? No one is sending a real greeting card out, no one is picking the phone to make a call!

On the other hand, I am not really feeling enthused to reply to any of those smses, direct messages, scraps, or posts. Seems expected. Seems boring. Seems like lip(?) service! Its just another day, isn't it? A day is as you make of it, so what difference does the Earth returning to its original (?) position make to us mortals? As humans, we are always, ALWAYS looking for reasons to be merry! Seems stupid...why should there be a reason to let go and have fun?

Enough of the verbal (written?) diarrhea. Just an excuse to post really!


popsie said...

Such is the world we live in - social media-networking. Yes, just another day, an excuse to celebrate is all. An lame reason to (blog)post,umm....well I try do that
all the time or at least used to more often in the past. :)

Btw, Happy 2010! :P

Sorcerer said...

hmm.gone are the days of "compassion and real care and personal touch " in what we convey
electronic media has taken the smiles and made it into :)

happy new year

LAKSHYA said...

Quite agree. Mass mailed good wishes do ring hollow. But when one makes 1386 friends on the Net, sending out personalised greeting cards can become a nightmare chore. Besides, paper costs trees ! :-) ( just a defense from a chronic SMSer !)