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Twestival India - An Indian Feast in the making

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It must have been serendipity. I can’t explain getting involved with Twestival in any other way. There I was, in July last year, sipping coffee while wondering how to make my life more meaningful. A chance mention to a colleague, a couple of emails and a Skype call later my life completely changed – I had become the regional coordinator for Twestival in India! At that time, I had little idea of how satisfying, responsible and fun the role will become. Or how almost a year later I will feel so proud and privileged at what we accomplished in 2009, one tweet, one event, one rupee at a time. Though a small amount when converted to dollars, at India, we raised a decent amount for the charities we supported in Twestival Local last year.

In fact, I can safely say that it must very well have been the first time in India that the power of social media for social good was realized.

Today, with Twestival Global just around the corner, we are all ready to make a positive difference to the world we live in. Bigger and better. With a jakkas (as we call it India meaning superb cool) team in place.

This year, seven cities from India will host confirmed events in support of Concern Worldwide – Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, and Mumbai. And possibly Hyderabad and Pune too. Look them up at the globe here.

Being a regional coordinator for these nine cities is like becoming a master chef and helping prepare a full course Indian meal – you want to savor the experience but at the same time you can’t wait to see how tasty the dishes will turn out to be. The bad part of it? The chef can’t eat all the dishes he helps prepare. I can’t be at all the nine events however much I want to be!

Here’s a sneak preview of the wonderful dishes my super specialty chefs (the lead city organizers!) are working on. I have no doubt they will make us go ‘yum’ by the end of March.
Bangalore, well-known as the IT capital of India, true to its young and happening nature will be hosting a mega party on the 25th and a fundraising Cricket tournament on the 28th. Ya, I know. We love Cricket in India and how can Twicket (Twitter/Twestival + Cricket) be far behind?
Chennai, also known as Madras, popular for its music, art and culture, will be hosting 'Evening with a Poet' -a dance drama appreciation festival of an acclaimed Tamil poet.
Cochin, a city in the state of Kerala (we call it the God’s own country for its splendid natural beauty) will be hosting the first ever Twestival of the state. They are just about getting the ingredients ready – the event details will be out soon.
Delhi – If you’ve been to India, you know this one – our capital city. Secret dish in the cooking! Wait for more news.
Goa – oh yes, sun, sand and the magic of Arabian Sea. Goa is all ready to spring a wonderful surprise and I’m guessing there will be magic in the dish along with a hint of drama too!
Kolkata, noted for its revolutionary history, is hosting Twestival for the first time. Secret dish in the cooking again! Let’s wait for more news.
Mumbai, the home to Bollywood, is preparing an evening extravaganza. Maybe a bit of star dust too? I’m waiting to know too!

I can’t be more proud or feel more privileged to be part of the movement called “Twestival”. The things that bring real meaning to your life sometimes start really small and this one did too – with just 140 chars :)

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