Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's been long

It's been long since I've felt the need to pour out my thoughts and write down things. Come to think of it, it's been long since I've felt any need to express at all. It's like I have passed the turbulent times, the times when I needed to prove myself (to myself!), times of wanting attention, and other such phases in life. For now, I seem to have reached a safe harbor, an isolated island really with sparse population, and am down to 'creating' things vis-a-vis writing and planning about 'creating'.

It's funny! When I look back, I see myself as a very bubbly, energetic and 'uncontrolled' mass of activity. Fast forward to today - I still see myself pretty much the same except for the 'uncontrolled' part :) I am much more contained and content! Ya, I guess that's what is at the core of the transformation. I am content - with myself, my achievements, my learning and I feel am going in the right direction - towards more transformation and learning. This time, no achievements though as I really don't feel a need to prove anymore. Why this writing then, you ask? Well, I just needed to update the blog so that I could see something other than a barbie staring at me, that's why!

So long! 


popsie said...

Welcome back VJ! Good to know that you have transformed for the better and are moving in the direction that you desire - Congratulations! It's been around the same time that I've blogged, but for different reasons. My latest is not really a post given it's length and essence but the mere need to express after ages and to update my blog! :)

Kamran said...
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ISHWAR KAG said...

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