Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Preoccupied with life

Let me tell you something- there is nothing in this world that you cannot get! Believe me I know I learnt it first hand - Am not going to mention any names here but .... just had this feeling you know ..wanting to talk to someone....I'm sure all my friends' ears have become sour from repeatedly hearing what I had to say just like a desperate bee that buzzez and buzzez around a flower- Thats how I think I am ...I mean ...like the bee that is always searching for a new flower- a brighter one, a colorful one, a...a ..a lovelier one - hey, mind you am not associating this analogy with my * life because thats non-existent -not the way I want it but a girls got to do what a girls got to do in this case wait for the perfect love and as usual my sagi mind has wandered far off the target which is my first *.. I know I never said so in so many words in the beginning but ...thats how my archer's mind works - like an archer with crab moon and a twin ascendant!

Getting to the point- MY FIRST * (by the way I feel like am atempeting the GRE essay question but never mind am not going to bring in literature here)

Well for a creature that has lived for more than twenty years on this earth to have not * at all seems like wellll baloney but thats how it is... for heaven's sake even bacterias would have * i mean comeon man how many of you can proudly say I AM * ??!! hmm? but I could! (not anymore sadly! ;-( I mean am a * now- am not revealing any private details here ... and I want to warn you guys- I've got a fantastic imagination AND am capable of lying so... all you "friends of mine" out there who have got their lazy butts off your well... whatever you were doing and decided to spend a worthwhile day with my blog....listen carefully - THIS IS JUST PURE FICTION!!

So to continue.. my first * was actually very uneventful ... not memorable at all.... but I realy really wanted to do it so passion was not lacking atleast not on my part!! so to think * didn't have that big an impact was heartbreaking and my heart has broken a million times since by the SAME GUY! Atrocious isn't it??!!!

Hmm..... I have already started the day with a thought in that diretion dont want to break my heart once more so am going to turn off now.. saying well what any * (lies.. lies all lies!!!!) would say.... which is .... ---- --- (I need to conduct a survey among them and find out what the others would say!!)

So Long

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