Wednesday, March 26, 2003

When your life path changes

One of my friends' favorite dialog goes.... "To make a big line appear smaller, just draw a bigger line besides it"... how very true this is. It seems that just the other day we finished our college and suddenly almost a year is over and our convocation ceremony is on us.

How fast life moves.... this seems like a usual cliche that people tout to while away time but... believe me its amazingly accurate!! To summarize in a few lines or paragraph, the way each of our life changes would be a foolish attempt because well.... I for one believe that each day is important in the year of 365 days and to think that each day's events, happenings are going to have an effect on what we call our life indeed makes one stop and think!

Lets assume our life starts from when we are ten years old (cos from thats when you really start remembering things)... and each year thereafter is a milestone.... you are eleven and you realise you can do anything, twelve- you want to stay home and cut school, at any cost! Thirteen- you realise you have finally reached the much awaited Teenage and you know Boys are different from Girls, Fourteen- what do you know, you have a crush, Fifteen- the first all important exam of your life, Sixteen- you fall in love, seventeen- you decide it was not love after all and that deciding what you are going to do with yourself gains focus, Eighteen -wow you are out of school and straight into the wolf zone....Nineteen- thank god you got a seat in college, Twenty- Life is one big journey to be made in the company of friends and more friends, Twenty one- the big moment has finally dawned, you know you have met the guy you are going to spend the rest of your life with but how do you convince him of that fact??....This is where I am right now... no this is where most of my friends are too.....not exactly trying to convince a guy/girl they are the one ...but trying to convince themselves that they can be the guy/girl for someone else. Self realisation seems so very important..... you want to be respected, you want to treated as an adult but the moment your parents and neighbours start treating you as one, you feel a million years old....oh! Man... Life is one real hard cookie!!! And to think you thought falling down was hard... fall in Love and see!!!!!

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