Monday, November 3, 2003

My HR paper got selected! Yay!

A year back, I didn't know that a place other than Chennai and Tamilnadu existed! Save for the fleeting trips to Andhra, Goa and Karnataka!!!! Today, barely five months after moving to bangalore my life has become one adventurous journey- I got the opportunity to visit Indore and guess what? Am leaving for Bhubaneshwar tomorrow!!

Yes! Yes! Remember that I talked about writing a HR paper for XIMB? got selected and we (my partner and me!) have been invited to do a presentation on the topic- "Human Capital Accounting" - still cant believe it!

And the last two days were wonderful- IIM B's annual culturals Vista was the place to be, and I made sure I never stepped out of the campus the whole of last two days ;) The place was so lively, so teeming with!!!

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