Saturday, June 12, 2004

After a long time

After a long time, I have opened my blog entry to write something on my own. The reasons for staying away were many- am doing my summers, the company is keeping me on and so forth! But the past few days, I took a break from all of them and decided to do what I love doing the best- plant some saplings!

The joy that is born out of realising that you have facilitated the growth of a new life on this Earth is truly addictive. Just like how a mother would feel after she gives birth to her child, or how a potter would feel after he finishes moulding a pot, or maybe how a child would feel happy seeing the pride on his parents' face after he does something great... All these may seem very very inconsequential if you look at it from a bigger perpective but when you watch those trees grow and in turn give birth to many more, you feel a real sense of achievement.

But today, more than my mere involvement were called into action..but sadly I was helpless. One of the trees near my house had grown really tall and was producing seeds like crazy which fell all over our driveway and created a mess daily... the decision in the household was easy to make...cut the buggin tree!! And I had to watch it being axed down, an inch at a time....Each blow to the tree's trunk made me question my morals and ethics and reasoning.....!!

Why do ppl want just those trees and plants that bears beautiful flowers or give you tasty fruits? Why do ppl want just low maintainance plants in their life?
Aren't trees living things too? Shouldn't their life be respected too?

If they have life, are we right in eating them? What does Hindu Dharma and other religions preach? That you shall not cause harm to other living things right? Then how do we survive?!!!

I stood answerless long after the tree was cut and the wood was sawed completely........and realised these questions were not just about trees and plants but life in its entirety.....Are we right in doing the things that we do???????

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