Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Keeping my fingers crossed!

What is the only haven for a person who doesn't have a computer/laptop to store all her files? Files starting from the unimportant (?!) forward images to very important (?!) project files? The only thing that could be done is store those files online..and hence I opened a few accounts with diff email services and even went so far as to maintain multiple copies of all my files just in case some server crashes!!

But with the birth of gmail (and thanks to my blogging habit!), I got a brand new gmail account with 1000 MB data space....I uploaded all my files immediately but hear this............Gmail is not opening in the Last few hours!! Am going mad..all my proj files are in there and if the server has crashed (as one stupid friend of mine suggested!) God save me!!

Another news is that Yahoo has upgraded its service and is now offering 100 MB free space!! Wow..when the cats are fighting, the mice can have a play..hehehehe!!!

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