Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Let things be

It doesn't matter. I have come to the stage where I think and consider personal choices the highest possible freedom I can give to myself and others. So I shall do what I want to and you shall do you want to. No questions on whether this is right or wrong. What feels right is right, what feels wrong is wrong. Why should we follow a set definition for these two terms? I don’t think I will. If this seems like selfishness, then this is the way I choose to be, this is my way to enlightenment, whatever it is that I seek, of which I know nothing. You can be with me, along the way, a companion to the journey, as I would be a companion to other people's journey including yours, but do not ask me to change my path, my journey, for I want to walk the way myself. Ask me no promises because I do not know where I will be tomorrow but at the same time, do not curtail your own freedom and supress your thoughts and expressions. What we perceive is what we believe. I choose to percieve things in this way. Let's continue our journey without stopping to analyze why we are on this path because it is not the time to do so when you are just starting. I haven't seen the path clearly, it is still dawn and until sunlight comes I wont be able to say if this is heaven or hell. Let things be.


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