Monday, March 14, 2005

No Commitments!

Well, the first of the lot has fallen! I am referring to the fact that one of my friends has gone and done the unforgivable and committed the sin of committing to someone! And officially at that!

Since a few years ago, I am sharing this deep bond of togetherness (mind you, not just friendship) with a few broad-minded individuals (I think!) who I consider links from my past (You know, Karma and all that?). Admittedly, these people do not know this unwritten law of 'no commitment'. At times, even I have temporarily lost sight of this and considered to 'Tango' but fortunately, I regained my senses just in time. But come on, having grown up together, is it bad to expect to continue to grow old together? And BS to those who say "One day, you will be old and tired and all your family will be will have nobody by your side, you will regret your decision to stay uncommitted then!"

The other day, I read this article in the ET which served as a huge inspiration and reiterated what I have started considering in recent times. Life will be one great party, I can imagine. To top it all off, I got this offer to run away (ok, ok not run away but hmm.. maybe.. just leave everything and...go?!) from one of the individuals I mentioned earlier and I found the offer, let me tell you, very very TEMPTING. Why not? What holds me to this place and the people in it? Yes, I was born here and people have 'sacrificed many things in their life' to bring me to this stage of life (dialogues!) but that doesn't mean they expect me to do the same, right? That probably contradicts my expectation from my friends! Life is so full of contradictions (Great discovery, that one!)

As I was telling LS, who incidentally has written another masterpeice that smack-mack-dack inspired me, nothing is 'mutually exclusive' in this world. I truly believe that. Love and hate can co-exist together. Boredom and Excitement. And so many other things that are seemingly contradicting on the surface. And this is only at the two-dimensional plane. Consider multi-dimensions! The mind will simply boggle! If you try to make sense of it, am sure, you will only reach the state which the society lovingly calls 'insane' (I have some interesting thoughts to share on that subject 'Insanity', maybe later!).

Here I am, totally digressed from the topic I intended to write on, babbling about Kundalini and all that! (Ya, ya I never mentioned Kundalini but thats where it was going next, take my word!) I call this "Free Writing", a trick I learnt recently from the net to practice good writing which will help me become a better 'Marketing Communication Specialist." So having done the bit for the day, I am forced to say "That's all folks" and end what could have led to the birth of one of the the best books of this century, possible titled "Random thoughts of an enlightened and insane nobody"!

Till next time!

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