Tuesday, May 17, 2005

All I want is a little magic

One day, I passed by a pond
And heard a fish sing
Curious, I looked and indeed it was a fish
But I couldn't let myself believe what I heard
So instead I scoffed at the idea and turned away

Another day, I looked up the sky
And saw a heron fly
Smiling, I thought nothing new
And gazed back down
Doing so I missed seeing the heron smiling back down at me

Yet another day, a cool autumn evening, I took a walk
And saw little flowers blooming all over
Delighted, I touched one and wondered at its brightness
And ignored the little weed whistling right next
I didn't realise it wanted a little of my attention too

The Wind, the Sun and the Moon I believe
And the Earth too, for it feeds me
Blissful, I seek new things everyday bored with what I already know
And I wonder if there are angels dancing around
And fishes that sing...and herons that smile...and plants that whistle too.

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