Friday, May 27, 2005

Bangalore shivers!

The past few days has been like none other I have seen in Bangalore in the last two years. Dot seven, it starts raining and its not just your "I came to touch you" rain but "I came to bang you!!" rain! :)) On one day, it even rained ice pellets! But the most terrible thing is ofcourse the trees shedding their branches and uprooting like there is no tomorrow. I'm sure more than a 100 trees would have fallen in Bangalore in this 'heavy shower' bout.

I remember a friend saying that Bangalore and its residents are perfectly safe unlike Chennai! U can imagine my blood flowing to that! There is no tsunami threat, its not an earthquake prone area and there are no volcanoes around! Yep, right its perfectly safe. Except for the trees falling!

You would practically get no warning that our immovable friends are going to move big time! And Bang went that car! And the man inside! Ok jokes apart, many cars have been smashed in the past few days and I believe we even lost one of our human friends.


Here are few trees that fell today!

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Car crushed!

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