Monday, July 14, 2008


I raise my voice to get my point across and to convey how much I am hurt.
He sees it as "You are shouting so that everyone can hear us; Are you trying to act overly dramatic?"
Tears start forming in my eyes intentionally/unconsciously and am overwhelmed by the emotions – self-pity, hurt, loneliness….
He dismisses it as “ Don’t start crying for such small things; If I can cry like you, even I would”
I lie awake half the night contemplating why my life took such a bad turn. I think up plots to correct its course, in the process dampening the pillow a little.
He turns on his side, and snores away to glory.
Unable to bear the silence of the dead of the night, and worse, my own thoughts, I decide to take matters into my hand. I turn to my side and doze off!
The next morning, with a naughty glint in his eyes, and an attempt to patch things up, he says, “I didn’t sleep half the night because somebody sure was snoring away to glory”

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Anonymous said...

One sided stories are always dangerous!!