Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Giving and taking

If somebody doesn't give gracefully and lovingly, you don't feel like taking their help/offer/aid, do you? There is so much said about giving but so little about taking. I do not mean the act of just taking without thought. But rather taking when you have no other choice, taking when you have to take, taking when you must. When giving has to be graceful and loving, taking definitely has to be thankful and accepting. Perhaps it has to be so... even if the former is not as it should be. But there are times when the receiver feels so incensed by his/her situation that taking doesn't happen very peacefully or cordially. Especially when the receiver feels in his mind that the giver is not fully willing. Perhaps in the corners of each of their minds, they both do not want to be there..... do not want to there in that particular situation. But circumstances, the need for appearances, and the society's dictates force one to give and the other to receive. Of course, the the giver and receiver frequently exchange roles but the acts remain the same. It becomes an endless cycle. Both of them forget the love, grace, and the gratitude part of the equation. What started out as a willing relationship slowly rots into dissatisfaction-infested remains. Oh yes, there are attempts to get back into the initial state - either by one or both the parties. But inevitably, they slide back into the routine. I wonder what it will take to break the monotony....?

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