Friday, January 23, 2009

Is this a bug?

Well, this is what happened. I had logged into Gmail, Reader, and my blogger account. A friend had sent me a huge music file in Gmail and I was in the process of downloading it. Meanwhile, since I was done with Blogger, I clicked on the Sign out link absentmindedly and to my irritation, found that I had got logged out of all the other Google services as well including Gmail. I realized this after Google Chat kept saying 'connection lost, trying now'.

So now considering that I had logged out, shouldn't the file download that I was doing from my Gmail stop? Nope! It didn't. It happily kept downloading the file from the Google mail server. I am like... shouldn't this also stop? I mean what if I was in an browsing center or something and I had forgotten about the download, and in a hurry just signed out? Isn't this a security related thingie? Maybe, maybe not! I was just surprised!

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