Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why is working for small companies better than working for the big shots

1. No Internet restrictions
2. Complete autonomy (which translates to more responsibility obviously)
3. Better visibility - with managers, big bosses, and customers
4. Opportunity to get involved in diverse opportunities - organizing fun events, "b*tch about my colleagues" projects, etc., etc. without fearing management action
5. Faster growth
6. Closer friendships and relationships (ahem!) with colleagues
7. You can watch TV in the recreation room from 1 till 4 in the evening and get away with it
8. Laugh at a senior in meetings till you are red in the face and all you may get in return is an indulgent smile
9. People believe they are owners of their work assignments - They care
10. Call for meetings when you are bored; you are sure to get 100% attendance :)
11. Friendly IT and HR staff
12. Colleagues are more willing to cover for you
13. You know what the person sitting in the next cubicle is doing; sometimes even what the office boy is doing
14. Oh, how can I forget? The security and the office boys are so nice and they are out to please you if only you show them a little courtesy - say Good Morning and smile at them everyday - in other words, treat them as anyone else in the company
15. Get called Madam (or Sir!) - Oh, I just love that!
16. People trust you not to steal company sensitive data and become an overnight millionaire selling it in ebay
17. Most importantly, you have time for your personal life. Whether it is blogging, Twitting, just browsing the net, reading, writing or falling in Love
18. And before I forget, NO INTERNET RESTRICTIONS

And now the negative side of it

1. Lower salary (maybe)
2. Lesser perks and benefits
3. You can't boast about being employed at "Top 10", "Fortune 10", "Blah 10", or such!
4. People blink when you tell them I work at DFG small company
5. You may have to put in longer hours at times - since you own what you do
6. You are down in the dumps one day and the entire world knows it (thats also a nice thing, isn't it?)
7. A S S licking is rampant (Ha! I can't believe I can be so crass but hey that's the fact and I couldn't find any better phrase to say it the way it is)
8. Collective employee morale (Somebody bitches about Anybody and the next day all the friends of Somebody in office hate Anybody!)
9. There's no one to pass on the low level jobs like formatting or cleanup. You got to do it yourself. Sometimes, it gets passed on to you but there's no way you can pass it on to anyone else. But in big companies, there are technical writers to do that kind of stuff :)
10. God save you if some office Romeo takes a fancy to you. Apart from getting teased mercilessly, you have to constantly ensure you don't end up being alone in the lift or corridor with the Romeo.

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