Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eat Poop, You cat!

I played this game called "Eat Poop You Cat" at a recent class of mine and it turned out to be really funny! The game is similar to "Chinese Whisper" aka "Telephone" with a bit of pictonary thrown in. Though originally I had intended to have the students play "Chinese Whisper", "Eat Poop You Cat" sounded even better when I read about it in Wikipedia.

The way it is played is simple - You start off with a phrase, the person next in line draws a picture to represent the phrase, the person after gives it a heading (phrase), the next one draws again and the next gives it a phrase again and so on and forth. Of course, participants should not show their phrase or drawing to anybody else other the immediate one next to them. So by the time the game moves to the last player, the first phrase is completely distorted and least resembles it! And it is totally hilarious. If you don't believe me, check this out. Somebody has made the effort to capture some of the "Eat Poop You Cat" games people have played.

Traditionally, the game is played on a single sheet of paper with participants folding the filled part to conceal it from the subsequent players. But since my class had lot of students, we decided to have each one write/draw in their own paper and just show it to the next person for a brief while before taking it back. I collected the papers from all of them at the end and we had a good laugh going through the evolution my phrase (I started it) went through! I'm sure it would have even more funny if I had not warned the students to refrain from obscene or sensitive phrases/drawings. Being a facilitator made me a prude :(

Anyway, check out the results for yourself below.... how my starting phrase "The crocodile smiled at the silly green bird" became "Four of them laughing"!!!!!

The Crocodile smiled at the silly green bird

The Snake is trying to eat the Chicken

A person harrasing another with false words (!)

A person is scolding someone

Jolly days with team mates (!)

Lucky boy with 2 gals (!!!)

A group of people talking

Four people standing together and discussing

4 cartoon standing... they are talking to each other

Four of them laughing

BTW, if you want to know how the name of the game came about, I have no clue. I'm as curious as you. A prelim search on Google didn't reveal anything great!

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