Sunday, April 5, 2009

My first canine bite

It was a totally lazy Saturday. I had just then given bath to the lady of the house and was dusting her with some Johnson and Johnson's. The house dog, Rocky, slept peacefully wedged in the tiny space between the sofa and floor. All was well. I moved a bit to get some more powder for the lady when I suddenly felt something under my foot. At the same instance as my realization, that it is the dog's belly hair, I heard a great snarl coming from under and the next thing I know... my left leg is in Rocky's mouth! Like they show in movies, everything froze in time for a milli-second. The dog with my leg in its mouth, my daughter leaning down to stare at what's going on, my noiseless shock at the silly dog's action, Rocky with his eyes still closed!!!

He must have been as surprised as I am at his own action (he usually just bares his teeth or at the worst snarls when someone hurts him), that he actually bit somebody, he ran away outside as quickly as possible in remorse I like to think. But the vengeful soul that I am, my blood started boiling at the thought of being a hapless somebody under the mercy of a dog's teeth. What has god given me tooth for?? And it (my blood!) reached evaporation point when I examined my leg - it was bleeding! I saw red (all pun intended) and chased down the dog with a stick to give two sound whacks to its rear. It accepted the repercussion of its action rather meekly only to snarl back when I raised the stick the third time. Oops, tolerance point reached. My vengeful nature abandoned me immediately and I ran back inside the house part in fear part in regret! Though of course I was careful not to show the fear to the dog. I didn't want to have a fight with the pet, for heaven's sake!

I paced the house up and down constantly reassuring my daughter nothing has happened to me though the dog is a very very bad dog for biting mom (ya, I am a bad mom I know!). I tried calling my husband to sob out the entire story but the dude didn't bother to pick the phone. Huh, somebody please come! Fortunately, before too long, the dude decided to return back home. The minute I heard the front gate open, I rushed outside to dramatically narrate everything with the intention to get my husband to give his dog an earful first thing when he entered the house. But sadly for me, the first thing he did after hearing me out is take me to a doc for some anti-rabies shots. Does that show he loves the dog more than me or the other way? I couldn't decide.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch - Three for the three shots of anti-rabies, One for the one shot of anti-septic, and the rest for pure effect.

My Saturday was ruined. If only I had watched where I put my foot (usually I put it in my mouth!), and if only the silly dog had not wedged itself under the sofa! Well, I just have to put it down to first experiences in life - first dog bite and a pet's at that! Duh!

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