Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Ladies, want to vote for me?

This is what I wrote to my lady friends. Blogging for posterity!

Dear Lady Friends of mine, (Oh! what a cheesy way to address you guys, uh? I know!)

A contest for Mother’s Day was recently organized by IndusLadies (a community website for Indian Women, if you didn’t know already). Participants just needed to write a blog post on their most memorable parenting-related experience.

Naturally, I with my wannabe writer ambitions (ya, right!) decided to take part and try my beautiful Jupiter luck in winning the $200 high stakes. There were other prizes too like Jaldi 25 (the first 25 entries get an IL letter holder), the top ten entries get IL cap and T-shirt, the third best entry gets $50 and the second best gets $100 (Drool, drool).

All the prizes will be decided solely based on voting online except the Jaldi 25.

I really wanted to win at least the letter holder (but it didn’t look too attractive to me!). But me being me (whatever that is!), procrastinated until the very last date of the contest. But my last-minute burst of 3es (energy, enthusiasm, eagerness – ya invented it just now) that had always stood me in good faith didn’t let me down. I typed at 100 words per minute (believe me, ok?) and completed the post just in time.

Now it’s time for voting. (and some campaigning of course!)

Go have a look here at the fifty entries that poured in from mommies and others across the world. Read them whenever you find time and vote for the one you like best.

My entry is over here on my blog. I am kind of feeling nervous sharing this link with you all (being that this bares my soul to some extent!) but hey if you want to win you can’t be shy, right?

My contest entry is titled “Super-women need to be appreciated too, right?” and is dedicated to my mom. (I am planning to dedicate a post to you all if I win, heheh… cheesy cheesy me)

So… I hope you understood what I am saying here? (I knew you guys are super dooper smart otherwise we’d never have stayed friends **my evil laugh**)

The voting page is here. Go on, vote. Stand up for your friend’s rights (*allow me one dirty laugh here please*).

Make an informed choice though.

Have a nice Labour Day weekend girls.

Until I see you,
Most cheerfully,
VJ, Vaiju, Vaij (and the other million names you may have secretly called me)

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