Friday, May 28, 2010

Where do babies come from? From Eggs of course!

Now the kid is almost three, she has started asking us questions. Questions that aren’t always easy to answer. For instance take the one from this morning. The three of us were lazing around on bed, in that beautiful state between 'just waking up' and 'fully awake'. For once, the husband wasn't nagging me about the time and issuing dire warnings and predictions of me missing the office cab. The said fellow was instead busy rubbing his stubble laden cheeks wondering whether to shave or not. This must have piqued my daughter's curiosity. Out she popped a question.
Appa, why do girls not have moustaches and beards like guys? Like you?
The guy took his time to answer. I was happy to just observe thanking the sun that she didn't direct that particular question to me.
Hmm, that's because girls' moustaches and beards go in to their head and come out from the head as long hair. See, appa doesn't have long hair whereas amma has long hair, right? And amma doesn't have moustache!
Ah, good answer I thought (me not having a moustache I mean ;) ). Before I could finish that thought, she went again.
But I don’t have long hair! And I don’t have moustache too!
Identity crisis? I can’t believe my almost-three daughter is on the verge of an identity crisis. How is he going to handle that one?
Oh, you have to grow up tall to get moustache and long hair. You drink your milk then you shall get your long hair.
She seemed satisfied with that explanation and got distracted by something else. Thank god I have a husband who thinks quickly on his feet.

The other day it was my turn to be at the receiving end of a question. Fortunately, it turned out easy thanks to lessons in ABC.
Amma, where do babies come from?
While I was desperately trying to whack my brain to come up with a suitable, non-biological answer, the kid really really made me proud by coming up with an answer herself.
From E for eggs, right?
Of course! Babies do come from eggs, don’t they? I happily smiled my agreement and escaped from the spot before she came up with other additions to it.

I do love this stage though – I’ve been waiting for her questions and I just decided that I am going to document all of them here at the blog if possible :)

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