Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bring on the superlatives. Mediocrity is boring, they say!

One of the things that have always perplexed me about myself is my lack of "high fi ambitions", "long term planning" and a LACK of discontentment with the way I see my life moving. From as long as I remember, I've always been content with the way things are and doing things that come my way rather than seeking out the extra-ordinary. Perhaps there are one or two exceptions. But even the other stuff that has happened that look seemingly different have all sought me out rather than the other way round. I'm happy to float along and get swept into the sandstorm to settle down on the surface once everything quietens down. And if the wind leads to mediocrity (meaning common, insignificant, “no great shakes”), why not?

Sometimes I do try to shake it off and try to fly by myself influenced by the insuppressible mad chatter of the inhabitants of this universe. But that doesn’t last long. There is this wisdom that doesn’t quiet belong to this mind and body which tells me that everything is a sham. You know, Maya? What’s the point of striving to do something and be something when at the end of the day all that matters is nothing? That’s right! Nothing matters. There is no memory and there is no account. But that doesn’t fit in with the Karma thing. Maybe that’s a sham too conjured up by human minds that are desperate for judgment.

Oh well!

PS: Ironically I appear and come across as a very ambitious and aggressive person to some! I guess its all in the perspective! Another Maya that!

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