Monday, October 20, 2003

Why are exams important?

Why do people study so much for exams? It has always amazed me that people are willing to put up that get of effort, sacrifice going out, talking, chatting....all for one silly examination that too, with someone else judging them! Yet they end of being unsatisfied with the result.....

I could never understand why exams are important! thats why I used to hate them...forcing me to study when I dont want too!! But as I grew up and attended more and more of the stressful event, the high of the stress got to me and I began to enjoy it! I used to wait for the day just before the exams, sometimes mere hours before it, to start studying...and it was so stressful and frustrating and well....utterly nightmarish!! Though curses and swearing were frequent, the entire process was kind of enjoyable too...and surprise of surprises I ended up getting pretty good marks even if I say so..ok only decent marks at times but I was always happy with being an average scorer and when at times, I ended up getting top marks, wow my joy knew no bounds!!

So..what am trying to tell you all here is that I am a really lucky person..what I study comes.....What I think important is important and know what? I still hate exams!!!!!! ;)

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