Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Butterflies reveal secret!

Protest against Nature's Evolutionary Mechanism called!

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The latest research on Butterflies by the Harvard University biologists have found the reason for 'speciation' (how new species are formed from old existing species)! The research found one particluar type of butterflies developing distinct wing color patterns different from their closely related family, possibly setting them apart as a new species over time, offering clues to this much talked about evolution subject.

Quoting BBC, with all due copyrights recognized,

"The Harvard team made the discovery while studying the butterfly genus Agrodiaetus, which has a wide ranging habitat in Asia. The females are brown while the males exhibit a variety of wing colours ranging from silver and blue to brown. Dr Kandul and his colleagues found that if closely related species of Agrodiaetus are geographically separate, they tend to look quite similar. That is to say, they do not display a distinctive "team strip". But if similarly closely related species are living side-by-side, the researchers noticed, they frequently look strikingly different - their "teams" are clearly advertised. This has the effect of discouraging inter-species mating, thus encouraging genetic isolation and species divergence."

"For me, this is a big discovery just because the system is very beautiful" says Dr Nikolai Kandul of Harvard.

Hmm, beautiful indeed. But what I just can't accept is how did the process get reversed when it came to humans? Well, am not talking about speciation and stopping interbreeding but this male female color thing! If you notice, in other animals, it is the males of the species that is more colorful -It preens, sturts and what not to attract the attention of the females. Take Peacock, Lions, Sparrows or any of the million others creatures, save for humans!

How did the human females alone end up being expected to be more colorful? Hmm, evolution has been unfair to the human female, I say! This simply cannot happen. I call a meeting of the feminist community to conduct a protest meeting. ...... :))

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