Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Namma Bengaluru - Timeline

850 AD ' Bengalooru ' appears on Mauryan empire milestone
1015 Chola Empire takes over City
1120 Veera Ballala II calls it ' Benda Kalooru ' or 'Town of Boiled Beans ' (after a poor woman feeds him beans in the forest)
1537 Kempe Gowda I designs City as it exists today. (KG II builds the 4 towers)
1638 Shahaji Bhonsle ( Shivaji's father) captures City for Adil Shah who gifts it to him
1640 Shivaji marries Bangalore girl
1687 Aurangzeb's army captures City
1690 Sells it to the Wodeyars for 3 lakhs !
1759 Wodeyar gifts it to Hyder Ali who builds Lal Bagh
1791 Cornwallis defeats Tipu but returns City to him
1799 Tipu dies. City returned to Wodeyar
1800 Bangalore GPO opened
1809 Cantonment established
1812 St. Mark's Cathedral built St. Mark's Cathedral
1831 British take-over administration
1853 Sunday declared weekly holiday
1859 1st train steams out of City
1864 Sankey builds Cubbon Park
1867 Attara Kacheri built
1887 Bangalore Palace built
1898 The great plague. Another plague and the 1st telephone rings.
1903 1st motor car pollutes city
1905 India 's 1st electric bulb lit in Bangalore City Market
1909 Indian Institute of Science built
1940 1st flight Bangalore /Bombay
1948 Deccan Herald launched
1954 Vidhana Soudha built
~Circa 2000 Bangalore attains glory again. "Yours truly", "Gracious Highness", "Maata Supreme" decides to honour the city with her presence ;) :))


Rags said...

You left one more major in that list.
1978 A maverick genius chooses bangalore as his birthplace
....and since then bangalore took a new direction of growth :)

balki said...

nice piece of info...