Friday, July 22, 2005

Not feeling well?

Not feeling well? Use colors to heal yourself dude!
Employees leaving? Get those energies right man!

This one is not new - I have heard of using colors to accompolish things including increasing the insulin production/reducing blood sugar levels in your body (called The Green Therapy - this would involve surrounding yourself, your home, your environment with the color green and you can see your diabetics threat going down drastically before your eyes!) , explanations on why Sadhu's wear the color Saffron (this color is supposed to evoke peace), reasons to wear white during meditation, so on and so on...

But this one is not so common. Not because it talks about color but it talks about it in such a way that I like it :) It says "Your personal choice of wearing a certain colour is actually a message from within that your body needs more energy of that frequency and wavelength." True, I think.

Light, after all, is what everything is made of. It's either lack of light, illusion or differntly vibrating photons that decides the way we (illusion again?) percieve things - including colors! ("After all, colour is the name we give to light energies of different frequencies")

But what is more interesting is this - "Environics" - the new science of energies, which studies various sources of subtle energies in the environment, their interaction with people and spaces, and the effect it has on them. The next fad (I mean no disrespect!) after Vaastu Shastra & Feng Shui! What's surprising though is companies like Nicholas Piramal taking heed of this to correct problems in their workplace!
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And what tickles me is this possibility- This may very well become the next big "HR weapon" to motivate employees and if your employees are leaving or not performing well, what you know, you can blame it on those negative energies in the office, not your managerial skilss :))


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