Friday, September 5, 2003

Chennai...........Watch out!!!

Am off to Chennai today after two long months!!! Wow am I going to have fun or what? And this time I will make sure I get my new college friends to meet my old buddies to make one big network of pals! ;) But I got a huge list of things to do in the coming days- just to remind myself- here they are

1) The first thing to do after landing in Chennai is to get the IOB IPO offer prospectus - this will be the first time am investing in the equity market and am doing this at a time when my bank balance is looking pale and paler by the day!! So hoping against hope that I should get alloted!! Do offer a prayer for me...!

2) Write the paper on "HR as a Strategy" for Kirloskar and "Line managers as HR managers" for IIM-B!! When am I going to find the time?- that too with no computer at home in Chennai!

3) Prepare for the competition am going to in Indore- its pure Finance and as everyone already knows, I am really really bad at number-crunching- have to prove HR people can be great strategists too! (coincidentally the same as the topic I have choosen to write a paper on!!)

4) Meet all my friends and spend atleast 2 hours of quality time with each of them!!

5) Pamper my neice and nephew to the core in the next one week!!

6) Share my mind with my parents who have started to think they are a newly married couple with no commitments and no second kid!!!Hehehe Mom and Pop...... here I come- the brat to create choas in the family in the coming week.......

Chennai...........Watch out!!!

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