Monday, September 29, 2003


It feels like a long long time since I have sat down to blog! First of all, let me start of by saying that "I have finally seen him" is a post written just out of sheer boredom and could mean anything from "I have seen my favorite author at last" to "I spotted the cutest looking monkey ever".....................Get my point? Hahaha.............................

And before I forget.....the trip to Indore was wonderful and the one week spent on train was at best can be described as the "single most lively week of my life!" For the first time in my life, I was forced to sleep on the platform - all because our connecting train from Itarsi to Chennai was at 7:15 AM and we reached the Itarsi station from Indore at 1:15 AM !!! Was it a humbling experience or what?

And Indore? Best for its food stalls- you get all kinds of delicious chaats and mouth watering sweets right on the roads- just cant resist any of them! And the clothes are really really cheap over there! Otherwise it seemed like just another small city.

Every new person you meet, every new place you see.......has the potential of teaching you something about life- in that way I learnt a lot on this trip!

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