Friday, September 5, 2003

Dishonesty and treachery

My friend just lost her mobile phone today- we were writing our exams inside the hall and her bag, inside which she had kept the cell, was kept outside just like in any other exam! And there were loads of other bags with it!! The difference this time is that no money was taken from the bag- only the mobile!

When my friend came out after the exams, she was aghast to find the bag missing and was searching for it desperately- it was finally found in a non-descript place near the toilets!! We initially thought some one was playing a prank but.........

Its really pathetic when you note to what extent people will go to steal- and that too in an educational institute....It really horrifies me to think about the dishonesty and treachery that abound in this world!! Why?

And one thing that made me think about this event in greater depth is the importance we attach to physical possessions.........if something dear to our heart goes missing we are affected by it- this should not happen - after all they are but lifeless things with no real value..................yep saying this is very easy but to actually not have any attachment is quite difficult.

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