Wednesday, September 3, 2003


ICFAI Business School, Bangalore is going to conduct a business quiz for corporates called "Chakravyuha" on the 27th of September. The prizes at stake are Rs.30000 and Rs.20000 and a whole lot of other goodies. If any of you would like to participate, please contact me at vaiju_13 at yahoo dot com. The quiz will be conducted by Giri Balasubramaniam of the "Pickbrain" fame.

Ok.....I have been wanting to do that for quite some time now- get the publicity over with as far as my website goes! This is the first time I am involved in organising a big event of this magnitude and it really thrills me to contact people and talk to them about it!! Day by day, my choice of human resource management as a profession is gaining a dear place in my heart and I am sure I will just love my work!! :) :)

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